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Globally, at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces. Contaminated drinking water is estimated to cause 485 000 diarrhoeal deaths each year.

An estimated 790 million people (11% of the world's population) without access to an improved water supply.

Providing better water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services in schools reduces hygiene-related diseases and can help curb the 272 million schools days missed every year due to diarrhea.

200 million hours women and girls spend every day collecting water is a colossal waste of their valuable time.

In India, 128 million people lack safe drinking water. According to the World Bank estimates, 21% of the communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe water.

Our Solution

Reduce. Recycle. Reuse.

A 360° Approach to provide access of safe water to every living organism on the earth in a sustainable way...

Availing Water Source

Primary Step of any Water Infrastructure is to identify the water source and make it sustainable. We have different solutions for Source Monitoring and making them Sustainable with auto recharging systems.

Solar PV Pumping System

Make it Usable for Domestic or Drinking

Once the water is extracted from the ground or used from Surface Water sources such as Well, Ponds or Riviers we ensures that water is according to WHO Standards for Domestic use or Drinking use. We provide Purification plants, which works on Green Energy, according to requirement with various technologies such as RO, UF or NF with capacities of 500LPH to 10,000LPH. Our expertise is to make Purification plants with low maintanance and Highest possible Product Water recovery.

Make it Sustainable

Once the Water Source availability and Purification is done all we need to do is the make it a self sustainable so that once the fecility is deployed it keeps on running for years without and reinvestment of capital funds. Our various Water Distribution models for Rural as well as Urban areas make it possible.

For Rural Community

For Rural community we have two distributon models.

1. Hub and Spoke Model for Big Size villages/Districts

In this model the water is distributed from Production Center to Self Service Kiosks where Village/Community people can take their water. The Kiosk are cloud Connected Water ATMs where the community gets water by giving minimal charges.

2. All-in-One Model for Small and Medium Size Villages

In this model we setup a Integrated Production and Distribution Center with capacities of 500LPH to 5000LPH according to population of the village.

For Urban Community

We have different solutions for the urban community which includes Water Points for Pedestrian and Water BMS for Urban Households. These solutions are designed to create sustainable living habits among the urban users and ensures that the precius water resource is conserved by the urban community without compromising on their standard of living.

Public Water Point

The Waari Water Points are perfect solution for providing clean and healthy drinking water to Pedestrians in Urban communities. We encourse them to Refill Their water bottle by reducing use of Plastic Packaged drinking water and thus we are creating impact on environment by reducing the carbon and water footprints of the plastic bottles.

Corporate Water Point

We do care for health of our urban community so we have designed the Corporate Water Point for providing them Healthy Drinking water in their office premises.

Water BMS

Our State of the Art Water BMS solution is an Integrated system of Generating Supply of Water (using borewell/Govt Supply), Maintaining its levels in the Tanks, Pressure Booster system to supply water to each Household, Metering Solution for Smart Control and Monitoring and Recycler Device to Recycle the Gray water to reuse it.

Pumping from the Water Source

Our Smart Borewell Control systems or Pump Control systems for urban house hold can pump the water from ground or from Municipal supply with automatic cuttoff when tanks are full. They also come with timing control to match the supply timing of Municipal water supply.

Purification and Supply

If the Ground water parameters are not upto the WHO standards then our Purification system takes care of these parameters and pumps the stored purified water upto the Urban Households. The systems are IoT Enabled and connected to Our Water BMS so that building management can easily maintain the system.

Metering of Consuptions

As a part of fair maintenance management We install IoT Enabled water Meters connected with our Water BMS which will measure the water consumed by the household and invoice them accordingly.

Recycling for Reuse

Our State of the art IoT enabled Gray Water recycling Systems can help you reduce your intake of Municipality water and recycles your used water for reuse.

Our Impact

We are working in cohenrence with UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Following are the areas in which we are creating our Sustainbale Impact.

Access to Clean and Safe Water

More than 11% of world Population are not having access to an improved water supply. We are providing Access to Clean and Safe water for Drinking and Domestic use to the communities across the world.

Sustainable Water Infrastructure

Every Water infrastructure fails whithin couple of years because of maintanance issues. We are changing that and Building a Sustainable Water Infrastructure which keeps on running for years.

Affordable Water for All

In parallel to making the Water Infrastructure sustainable we are providing the water at very affordable costs and invest the revuenue to expand the infrastructure to more communities and keep them maintained.

700 Human Hours every year

Globally 2million people use contaminated drinking water which causes 4,85,000 diarrhoeal deaths every year. We are ending the possibilities of Deaths to almost zero with our clean and healthy drinking water.

End of Hardships to get water

700 Human Hours are wasted every day to get drinking water. We are providing water whithin a mile so as to end their daily hardships and utilise their time in other productive works.

Improved Health

Availability of Clean drinking water makes the community drink more water a day which improves their health whilr achieving the WHO goal of 20liters per day per person.

Employment Generation

We train and hire local people to Maintain and expand water infrastructure making them self reliant and skillful.

Clean and Green Energy

Our systems are powered by solar making them energy efficient and green systems.

Reduced Emmisions and Carbon foot prints

With our Pure and healthy drinking water the need of boiling the water at time of use is minimised which reduces carbon footprints and saves environment.

Improved Urban Water Infrastructure

Our Systems helping in building sustainable cities and communities with Efficient management of Domestic water resource by making the domestic water recylcing at the source of discharge.


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